Two Sparrows: Environmental Consulting and Education

Who We Are

Two Sparrows is a California State certified Small Business. We have expertise in Biological Consulting, Mitigation and Land Management Planning, Interpretive Planning, Community Education, and Environmental Education for the public, businesses, and schools. We can function as the head of your project octopus managing the many and varied aspects of it for you with your input all along the way. We can manage small projects and assist with larger ones. We operate in Southern California and beyond, expanding and contracting with each project.

What We Do

We work with larger consulting firms, utility companies, private landowners and developers, environmental and non-profit organizations, government agencies, businesses, private and public schools, nature centers and residential environmental education schools. Many larger firms need a certified small business subcontractor as a part of their bid requirements.

Biological Consulting

We combine natural resource expertise with project management and report writing skills to address complex environmental issues for private and public sector clients needing to comply with federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations.

Mitigation and Land Management Plans

We develop conservation management plans that meet land owner objectives, follow environmental regulations, and preserve the site’s natural and cultural resources.

Interpretive Planning

We apply interpretive planning expertise to explain to visitors the unique natural and cultural resources of the site while furthering land management objectives. We plan for visitor use via trails, informative signage, publications, and exhibits.


We apply environmental education expertise to design effective conservation campaigns for government agencies, educate employees about green business practices, assist public and private schools in designing or adapting environmental curriculum and programs, and evaluate curriculum and programs of Nature Centers and residential environmental education schools (aka Science Camps).


Two Sparrows

Dr. Mark McReynolds

136 Lincoln Ave.

Fullerton, CA 92831

209 710-7274